Restaurant Pest Control

Running a restaurant is no piece of cake. You shouldn’t be plagued with worries regarding unsolicited pests. Presto Pest Control implements rigorous training unheard of in the industry, and our professional team members will discretely and effectively guard your kitchen against all threats of a pest infestation.

We are working towards one common goal: a positive dining experience for the customer. Our restaurant pest control encompasses a few core procedures:

Inspection and Elimination

Our highly trained and knowledgeable team of pest control experts will gear-up and inspect every square-inch of your restaurant for signs pointing to a pest infestation. Presto uses a state of the art approach that eliminates pests and provides ongoing protection that prevents them from harboring in your restaurant. We use pest monitoring devices and quick maintenance to wipe all signs of pests.


We know you keep a tight ship. Let us facilitate your restaurant with a customized sanitation program. We offer expert insight on sanitation techniques proven to deflect the threat of pests in your kitchen.