Hotel Pest Control

When traveling, your guests expect safe, comfortable accommodations that are free from pests like bed bugs, cockroaches and stinging insects. Nothing is more disturbing to your guests than encountering pests at a hotel they’re staying at. An infestation can quickly undermine guest confidence and tarnish your brand. With the advent of social media, client reviews and photos can be posted quickly online for other potential customers to read and see even before management is aware of the problem. These poor reviews are damaging your reputation, and will drive away customers and hurt your bottom line. That is why our Hotel Pest Control is crucial to the success our your business. 

In addition to harming your image, pests can destroy your property and threaten the health of your clientele. While some pests carry a variety of allergens and pathogens, others chew through building materials, weakening the structure and resulting in costly repairs. Bed bugs are one of the most serious problems facing the hospitality industry and require an aggressive proactive approach to protect your property from an infestation. A pest infestation can also result in a failed health inspection. Hotel managers must do everything possible to keep pests out of sight and away from customers while striving to eliminate the possibility of an infestation. Your business and reputation call for a zero-tolerance policy toward pests.

Our Process


Regular inspections are key to developing a pest management plan. These inspections thoroughly examine your hotel, preventing pests from thriving in your business. We understand that persistence is key to effective hotel pest control.

Exclusion and Elimination

Once pests have been located and identified, we use the practice of exclusion to accelerate the extermination process. Exclusion works by sealing points of entry including gaps in doorways and windows, as well as cracks and crevices in walls. At this point, any pests found on the premises can be eliminated.

Commercial Pest Infestation Monitoring

Bringing Presto on as a partner means that we’ll consistently monitor your hotel for early signs of pest infestation. Our hotel pest control plan works to maintain a pest-free environment, handling potential infestations so you don’t have to.


We’re on your team. Presto not only works diligently to eliminate all traces of pests, but also closely with the health department to ensure that your hotel is never cited for insects or rodents. Maintaining a high level of professionalism and discretion is crucial to our process.

Pest issues for hotels have never been more challenging. At Presto, we understand the unique requirements of the hospitality industry. Our routine maintenance pest control program is designed to protect the image of your hotel by getting rid of pests without interfering with your operations. We accomplish the task quickly and discretely based on a convenient service schedule. Our services treat bed bugs, rodents and flying insects as well as other pests like ants and roaches. In addition to eliminating a current infestation, our proven solutions also make your property less inviting, which lowers the risk of future infestations. You can rely on our team to be available in the event of an emergency pest control situation.

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