Pest Control for Health Care Facilities

If you run or manage a nursing home, hospital or another type of health care facility, providing a clean and safe environment for your patients is vital. Since many people will come and go from your property on a regular basis, you will face unique challenges when it comes to remaining sanitary. When you fail to live up to your obligations, it can damage your reputation and harm your bottom line.

In addition to causing you to lose customers or patients, failing to maintain a clean environment can expose you to citations from the health department. The good news is that preventing those problems is easier than fixing them, so you will want to know the red flags that indicate trouble.

Pest Problems

No matter where your facility is located, you will face pest infestations unless you know how to prevent them from occurring. Pests that get into your building can contaminate food and spread diseases, and you don’t want to expose yourself to that liability. If rats, mice or other rodents gain access, they can get into your walls, chew on your wires and create a fire hazard. If you don’t know how to spot rodents, they can remain undetected and inflict damage without detection for longer than you would think.

The Presto Solution

If pests have invaded your health care facility and you are ready to take action so that you can safeguard your patients and reputation, you have come to the right place. The team at Presto has the training, tools and dedication needed to keep you out of harm’s way. You will be in good hands as soon as we show up at your door to perform our inspection. Since we care about each customer who reaches out to us, we will pay attention to the details at all times. From the start of our project to the end, we promise to treat you like family.

Our Approach

Once we have found and identified the pests that have been causing problems, we will identify access points to prevent additional pests from getting inside. We will then eliminate the invaders in a way that complies with the standards of the health department. Because we want to provide you with peace of mind, we will remain transparent throughout the process. We will also get to know you and your needs so that we can give you the best results possible.

Getting Started

If you are currently facing a pest control issue, reach out to us right away. We will answer your questions and address your concerns, allowing you to make your choice with confidence.

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