What to Do About Bed Bugs in Apartments

Bed bugs are common pests in apartments. Just because you do not own the property, you cannot let a bed bug infestation fester and hope for the best. Instead, you need to take action to alleviate the situation. Your best bet is to work in partnership with your landlord and attack the problem together. Here is some important information to know if your apartment has bed bugs.

Capture the Pest if Possible

If you suspect you have bed bugs in your apartment, try to catch one in a leak-proof container with a bit of rubbing alcohol. Then, you can show it to your landlord and you both can confirm its identity. If you are not able to capture one, still tell your landlord or management company that you suspect there is a problem.

Inform Your Neighbors

Since living quarters are so close to each other in apartment complexes, you need to tell your neighbors that you have bed bugs. Most pest control companies will treat not only the apartment where the bed bugs are but also the surrounding units as well.

Bring in Pest Control

When bed bugs invade multi-unit living quarters, the problem is often too cumbersome for an individual to take on alone. Bed bugs can attach themselves to just about anything and quickly move from unit to unit. So if one apartment has bed bugs, there is a good chance that others do, too. The best move is to have a professional pest control company come in to take care of the issue. The responsibility for getting rid of bed bugs generally falls upon the person at fault for introducing them to the apartment complex. But, since that is often difficult to determine, the landlord needs to take on the responsibility.

Preparing for Pest Control

Although you should let the pest control professionals take care of the bed bug extermination, there are some steps you can take to get your home ready so the exterminator can get rid of the pests quickly. Before pest control arrives:

  • Do not remove furniture, beds or anything else that may have bed bugs. Allow them to b treated by pest control.
  • Pick up all loose items in the rooms that need to be treated and put them in a double-layer sealable bag.
  • Double-bag any clothing that may be infested.
  • Follow any instructions the pest control company gives you for the bagged items.
  • Dry clean, wash in extremely hot water or put into the dryer any clothes that may be infested.
  • Put away all food items and anything else that can get contaminated with the chemicals the exterminator uses
  • Purchase bug-proof mattress encasements.
  • Vacuum furniture, rugs and any other surface you can. Double-bag and discard the vacuum bags outside immediately.

Empty dresser drawers so pest control has easier access to the affected areas.

If you live in an apartment and suspect you have a bed bug problem, call your landlord first. Then call the professionals at Presto Pest Control. We can help you get your apartment back to normal.