What Industries are Most Susceptible to Pest Infestations?

Pests in the workplace are an ever-present problem. Regardless of industry, insects and rodents can infest and destroy inventory at an alarming rate if left unchecked. Specific sectors of industry are particularly susceptible to infestation, too. It is critical to evaluate your pest control solution if you operate a business in any of the following sectors.


Every living thing needs three things to survive: water, food and shelter. The agricultural industry provides all three for food-producing plants, and the plants are food for people and pests. Besides greenhouses and fields, the most vulnerable areas for pest infestation are food storage and irrigation systems. Once they are dug in, pests can feed on and destroy inventory on a massive scale. This can result in thousands of dollars of damage per year, if not millions, over time. 

Thus, insecticide and rodent pest control are essential in any agricultural facility, though treatments and protocols vary widely. Pest control specialists have the equipment and expertise to ensure that agriculture facilities and produce remain pest-free and preserve your inventory. More importantly, it also protects your bottom line. 


The vast spaces of a warehouse interior make excellent living spaces for both rodents and insects. Roaches, rats and mice make nests in the dark, damp corners where they can hide and forage for nearby food sources. Storage facilities that include food in their inventories typically attract pests at a higher rate, but non-food products and packaging can also attract pests. Insects like cockroaches can subsist and thrive for months on cardboard alone. 

Every facility manager needs to schedule a full inspection with a pest control specialist to ensure inventory integrity. Not only is pest damage a significant contributor to inventory shrink, but it also puts the facility at risk for contamination liability. Take action and put a stop to inventory loss and litigation risks.

Grocery/Food Retail/Food Service

Like agriculture, grocery, food retail and foodservice facilities are especially vulnerable to pest infestation. With the amount of inventory in storage and out on the shelves, it’s a veritable smorgasbord for insects and rodents. Even vending machines that dispense food products need regular pest inspection and treatments to ensure their inventory’s integrity and food safety.

Regularly scheduled visits from pest control specialists are essential to maintaining the highest standards of inventory control and food safety. In many cases, such inspections are mandatory to keep a food service health inspector certification grade. Better to take precautions than fail an inspection and lose business while you bring your facility up to code.


When you get right down to it, some industries are far more susceptible to pest infestations than others. These businesses have an obligation, both to their customers and employees, to maintain a clean, pest-free environment. Does your facility need inspection and pest control services? Presto Pest Control is here to help. Contact us today for more information.