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Recovering from Your Termite Infestation: The Next Steps

Termites can cause severe damage to a home. If you have a termite problem, the first step is to exterminate them, so your home can become termite-free. After extermination, you will need to focus on recovering your home, as the damage may make your home unsafe to live in. Here are the next steps you should take in your termite recovery process

Assess the Damage

Termites will eat anything made from wood or wood-based materials. This means that any solid wood, drywall, furniture, cabinets and countertops in your home need to be inspected. 

You will also want to focus on all of the load-bearing support structures in your home, such as beams, joists and framing structures. This also includes frames around doors and windows. 

Any severe damage to these elements of your home means that you need some repairs. Structural damage will make any home unsafe to live in, as walls, doors and windows become hazardous. These elements should be the first ones that you fix. 

Insurance Coverage

After you have assessed the damage and decided on what repairs need to happen, you should look into what your home insurance will cover. Some home insurance policies cover extensive termite damage, which means that you will not have to worry so much about the financial aspect of the repairs. You should contact your insurance company right away and learn about what your policy will cover. 

Find a Contractor

If your home insurance policy does not cover termite damage or only partially covers it, you will need to find a reliable contractor to complete the necessary repairs to your home. This may involve getting a referral from someone you know or researching online to find the best contractor for you. 

Before your contractor begins repairing your home, make sure you discuss your budget and the structures in your home that you absolutely need to repair. 

Get Termite Treatments During Repairs

Your exterminator and contractor may be able to work together in putting termite treatments on the structures in your home as they are being repaired. This will hinder any future termite infestations and damage. 

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