How Often Should Your Business Get A Pest Inspection?

If you own a business, then you know that it takes a lot of time, effort and money to keep it running efficiently. Your priority is growing your business and making your customers happy. A way to accomplish this is making sure that the building is kept well maintained, clean and free of pests. How often is it necessary to have your business inspected for pests? Keep reading to learn more.


The Type of Business Property You Own

Whether you own a restaurant, a grocery store or a retail store determines how often you will need to have your business inspected for pests. For example, restaurants require more frequent pest inspections as this type of establishment serves food. It is suggested that businesses that handle food preparation need monthly pest inspections. Dealing with customers requires that you keep up with pest control treatments as you do not want a customer discovering an unwanted pest. Don’t run the risk of losing business. Discuss with your local pest control company as to how many times you need inspections. 


The History of Pests at Your Property

Something else to consider when determining how often to have your property inspected is the history of pests in the building. If you have had pest infestations in the past, then you should consider frequent inspections to ensure that the treatments are effective and the pests have not returned. Keep in mind that it can take several treatments for pests to be completely removed. Furthermore, it does not guarantee that they will return in the future. Knowing the history of what pests have entered your property allows you to be proactive in preventing them. 


The amount of time you have to deal with pests on your own

Handling pests on your own is not suggested for those who own commercial property. However, if you choose to do so, consider the amount of time it will take for do-it-yourself treatments to take effect. For those who own restaurants, pest control is almost like a daily chore as you need to consider how to properly store food, how to safely handle food and keep pests out of areas where the food is kept. Keep in mind that pests are attracted to food and water sources, so they will be persistent in their attempts to enter your establishment. This is where it is beneficial to have the assistance of a professional pest control company. 


Commercial property owners need to consider the importance of having professional pest control companies inspecting your property. Contact Presto Pest Control for a consultation today!