Prevent a Pest Infestation

How To Prevent a Pest Infestation in Your Business

Presto Pest Control understands that preventing a pest infestation in your business is just as important as it is in your home. Your customers and your employees deserve a clean, safe environment. If they don’t get that feeling at your facility, it could lead to business losses or even employees quitting.

There are steps you can take to prevent that from happening to you, though! We’ll look at those steps and guide you through them so you can feel secure.

1. Trash

Any trash in your facility should be taken out as soon as possible. Trash is often a go-to dinner for pests, so if you remove it, then you can remove their reason for coming inside. Be sure to keep your trash in a securely closed container until removal.

2. Landscaping

Landscaping provides many positives for your business, but it also might attract unwanted attention from pests, depending on the plants you choose. Work with a landscaper to find out what plants will be best for you.

Also, be sure to trim any plants or bushes that make contact with your building. Those can act as a bridge for ants or other pests to climb across and eventually gain access to your building.

3. Prevent Any Standing Water

A lot of pests thrive in standing water, including mosquitoes that use it as a breeding ground. If you want to keep these pests from enjoying it, go around your property to fill in holes or remove objects that hold water.

4. Clean All Drains

Cleaning drains is essential if you don’t want to draw in any pests. Most drains, especially those in business facilities, contain a lot of food waste and other debris. All of that mixes together to make a soup pests love.

To prevent the build-up of that waste, have a team clean the drains and p-traps regularly.

5. Seal Any Cracks

Pests don’t use the front door. They aren’t that polite. Instead, they’ll use any crack or crevice in your facility to gain entry. To prevent that, you can walk the perimeter of your building to look for any spots that are vulnerable. They might be insignificant to you, but those small cracks could allow entry for numerous pests.

Act Now if You Have a Pest Problem.

In the unfortunate event that you develop a pest problem, there’s no time to waste. Don’t try to take care of it yourself, contact help that can really make a difference and save your reputation.

Presto Pest Control is that help. Call us now.