How to Manage Pest Control in a Food Service Environment

Presto Pest Control prides itself on impeccable commercial pest control services. We fully understand the unique challenges that service industries face when attempting to keep their businesses operating at the highest possible standards.

It’s unfortunate that so many aspects of the commercial service industry are favorable to pests. The high volume of food items, large working areas and high traffic can make avoiding any type of infestation a challenge.

At the same time, you’ve got a job to do. As much as you want to keep your work area pristine, there’s no way that you or your employees can manage the task of total pest prevention and elimination alone, without it affecting your businesses bottom line.

You no longer have to struggle to keep your business running with the standards you seek. We’ve made it our job to handle pest control for businesses, so you can concentrate on yours.

Vigilance is Key

When it comes to busy environments, vigilance is key. Make sure that you schedule weekly checks of out-of-the-way areas for any evidence of pests making their home in your work areas. Common spaces are under counter tops, around dishwashers, under beds, light fixtures and kitchen appliances.

Any sign of waste products, dry goods damage or chewed surfaces should be treated right away.

Contact Presto Pest Control for Preventative Maintenance

Despite your best efforts, you might miss signs. That’s not your fault, and likely an indication that you’re doing everything you can to keep your space as clean as possible. Particularly in food service and hospitality environments, rigid standards of cleanliness can remove all traces of pests before they are noticed.

You can still gain the upper hand on pests by enrolling in a preventative maintenance program. Treatments can be applied during non-service hours, therefore ensuring they have time to be effective before your workday resumes.

When utilized as part of a pest-prevention program that includes cleaning all surfaces, floors and securely storing all dry food items in solid containers, preventative maintenance can be an effective tool in deterring pests from ever entering your property.

If you realize that you have a current pest problem, you realize how quickly the issue can evolve from bad to worse. While it’s a bit more challenging to remove pests that have spread, it’s not impossible. Following satisfactory treatment, it’s highly recommended that you maintain semi-regular treatments as further insurance against a recurrence.

Contact Presto today. We’re experienced at effective pest control in food service, hospitality, healthcare and property management environments, and our services are provided in regulation with state and federal regulations.