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How to Get Rid of Flies

Have you ever been peacefully taking a nap when you’re awakened because a fly keeps flying around your face or landing on any exposed skin? It’s annoying, but what’s worse is when you have a flyswatter and then suddenly all the flies disappear.

Flies are nowhere near the most dangerous pest, but they are one of the most aggravating, especially when they become a health risk. That is why it is important to exterminate them before they get to be a problem.

Steps to Remove Flies Effectively

The most effective way to get rid of flies is to hire a professional service to ensure they are completely gone. However, there are some Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, methods you can try, such as:

Pop bottle flytraps.

If you take an empty pop bottle, clean it well, and cut off the top, you can have the beginnings of a homemade flytrap. The secret is including something sweet, like sugar water, in the bottle to attract the flies.Then, take the top part of the bottle and put it on the body upside down to create a cone. Although flies will go inside the bottle to get the sweet liquid, they can't get out of it.

Vinegar and soap fly traps.

Vinegar has so many uses, and fly deterrent is one of them! If you fill a bowl with a bit of apple cider vinegar and stir in fruity dish soap, you get another type of fly trap. For this trap, you cover it with plastic wrap and poke holes in it to trap the flies.

Plant fly-proof plants in your yard.

Certain plants can repel flies, so if you have them outside, you can speckle your garden with these garden plants:

        • Mint.
        • Lavender.
        • Nasturtiums.
        • Basil.
        • Eucalyptus.
        • Bay leaves.

What to Expect from a Pest Control Company

Homemade traps are simple solutions, but as earlier mentioned, the fastest and most guaranteed way to get rid of flies is to hire professionals like Presto. We know how to identify the fly type, where they breed, and finally eliminate the infestation.

There are four steps that we usually take. These are:

        • Exclusion by sealing doors, vents, windows, or other cracks where flies can enter.
        • Restriction by managing a clean and tidy home.
        • Destruction of current fly infestation.
        • Monitoring through regular inspection visits for prevention purposes.

If you live in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or Washington DC, you’re in luck. Presto Pest Control offers more aggressive and personalized protection for you.

We have a vast knowledge about how to exterminate quickly and efficiently while providing the best protection. To get started, call Presto today.

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