Pests Get Into Commercial Businesses

How Do Pests Get Into Commercial Businesses?

If you own a commercial building or business, you need to know how pests found their way in the first place so you can keep them out. Here are five points of access for pests in commercial businesses.

They Get In Through Doors.

Check on your doors and their frames to make sure they are working properly and don’t contain any gaps, holes, cracks or crevices that could be an entry point for pests. You might also consider weatherstripping, as this prevents both inclement weather and pests from entering your business. It’s also important to think about every kind of door you have, including loading docks, as these can be a common means of access for pests, too.

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They Come In Through the Foundation.

If your ceiling or walls have cracks or crevices, they’re a welcome mat for pests. Make sure to check for any damage on both the interior and exterior of your business and get it fixed if you want to make life less pleasant for the pests in your building.

They Get In Through Pipes.

Pests and pipes share one thing in common: they’re both water lovers. Pipes make a great access point for pests to get into a business for this reason. 

Pests accessing pipes can be dangerous for business, however, as they can lead to plumbing problems such as clogged pipes and leaks. Plumbing problems such as leaks may mean more pests come into your business because they love that moisture. Fix dripping faucets, broken water heaters and leaky pipes as soon as you can to prevent pests.

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They Come In Through Windows.

The first step in window maintenance in regards to pest control is checking the screens for any defects. If your window screen has holes, even tiny ones, replace the screen. Pests can and do find their way in. 

In addition, you should require checking the windows before closing down your business each day to ensure the windows are working properly. It also helps to note if any window or its parts, such as the frame, is defective or filled with open crevices so it can be fixed as soon as possible. If you don’t require checking the windows at the end of business each day, at least make sure to check your windows after a storm.

They Get In Through Vents.

The purpose of vents is to transfer air outside, but sometimes they also let pests in. In particular, pay attention to dryer and kitchen vents in your business, as these are popular places for pests to travel through. Use a vent cover to stop pests from using vents as an entry point. It may also be good to periodically check on your vents for signs of pests, too.

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