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Common Pests Restaurant Owners Need to Lookout For

If you run or manage a restaurant and don't want to face unexpected problems, it's important you put in the effort to protect yourself from common pests. Inability to handle a pest infestation can prompt the health department to issue fines or shut you down, but it can also compel your customers to write negative reviews online.

Learning to spot and secure your restaurant from these pests will go a long way when you would like to enjoy positive results. You will know you have chosen the right path when you see the outcome, and your customers and staff will appreciate your dedication.


Taking a look at cockroaches and their behavior is a great starting point for those who want to protect a restaurant from danger. Since these pests do their best to avoid light, spotting them in the early stages won't always be easy. The worst part about cockroaches is that they can contaminate your food and cause your guests to get sick if you don't stop them. Food sources and leaky pipes will attract cockroaches into your building before you know it, and you don't want to fall into that trap. Addressing plumbing issues and sealing your trash bags will reduce your odds of an infestation.


Every restaurant owner fears the day a customer sees a rat or mouse run across the floor, and this problem is enough to destroy any restaurant's reputation. Small holes in the ground or a cracked door will be enough for these pests to invite themselves inside, and you will have a serious problem. Rodents that get into your restaurant will taint your food, but that is only the start. They can also spread diseases and create a fire hazard, making them a threat you must address at the first sign of trouble.


Most people feel annoyed when flies bother them, but these flying pests can cause more issues than you likely suspect. If they get into your restaurant, they will contaminate any surface on which they land, including food and food preparation surfaces. When keeping flies at bay is one of your top goals, keep your kitchen and the other parts of your restaurant clean.

Presto Pest Control

If you don't want to take unneeded chances when your restaurant's future is on the line, get in touch with Presto Pest Control for protection on which you can depend. Our team will come to your restaurant to eliminate common invaders before they cause problems for you, your staff and your guests. Opting for routine pest inspections will show your customers that you care about them and their health, which will work wonders for your reputation. If you would like to learn more about us or how we can help, you can pick up your phone and contact Presto Pest Control right away.

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