Prevent a Pest Infestation

Do I Have To Shut My Business Down During Pest Control Services?

If you own a commercial business, pest infestations are likely one of your worst nightmares. Dealing with invading pests in your place of business is frustrating, and can leave you anxious about whether or not your business can stay open. If you’re ever in a situation where you have to call pest control services, you may be wondering what the rules are regarding keeping your business operational. Luckily, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn the answer to the question of if your business can stay open during commercial pest control services and why keeping your business safe is of the utmost importance. 

If I Call Pest Control, Do I Have To Shut Down?

Short answer: no. Technically, you don’t have to, but whether you should or not depends on the type of business you run. If you run a restaurant, it’s probably not best for your business to have pest control inspecting your property while you have guests eating dinner. If you own a hotel, guests might be spooked on their way back to their room if they stumble across experts searching for rats. That’s why you should consider being strategic with scheduling your pest control services. 

Have experts come when your business is closed or when you know there will be a lull in activity on your property. The only time you will need to completely shut down is if you have a full-on infestation that violates public health regulations. In that case, you need to close your business immediately and have pest control fix the problem right away.

How Can I Avoid Shutdowns?

The best way to avoid having to close your business for any stretch of time is by taking preventative action against pests. Make a commitment to have monthly or annual inspections done on your property and consult the experts to see what traps or treatments are necessary to keep your business clean. 

Make sure you develop a culture where cleanliness is key. All employees and staff should have a responsibility to keep your establishment free from clutter and trash. There should be no standing water, exposed food, or trash buildup for extended periods of time. Factors like those attract pests and invite them into your business. 

Stay on the lookout for any signs of infestation; spotting a single ant, cockroach, or rodent dropping should be enough to trigger mental alarms. If you come into contact with any of these signs, don’t wait. Call professionals immediately to get the problem taken care of, so you can focus on running your business and not looking for rats.

If you’re dealing with pests invading your commercial property, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts for help. At Presto Pest Control, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your business safe and clean. We set the standard for high-quality pest protection for the foodservice, hospitality, health care, and property management industries. Contact Presto Pest Control today to learn more about how we can serve you!