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Business Blues: Easy Steps to Banish Workplace Pests

All business owners often forget about cleanliness in their work environment. If you do not maintain a clean workplace, you will face the horror of pest infestation.

Common Malpractices Equal Pests

Since 2014, the Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) estimates that businesses make a 6.8 billion-dollar investment in pest control operations. According to a survey, all businesses suffer an infestation almost every 20 months. This happens when your staff contributes to operation failures because they cannot keep a tidy workplace. However, there are plenty of reasons why pests enter into your business’s property.

Unprotected Openings

It doesn’t matter how large the pests are. Anything can serve as an entryway for them. This includes door gaps and unscreened windows. Other possibilities are open pipelines, uneven flooring, wall cracks and ceiling holes.

No Knowledge

As a business owner, you have to know the basics of a pest infestation. Some will ignore the signs and try to keep their business running under these unacceptable circumstances. This can lead to OSHA violations, and they can fine you over 300 thousand dollars. 

Poor Management

The most common malpractice in a workplace is a lack of proper management. Without the right procedures, staff member morale drops. According to CEBR, morale can drop down to 36 percent. This leads to messy workspaces that attract pests.

How to Prevent Pests in Your Business

It is your responsibility to keep your business afloat. Here are some tips on what to practice for pest prevention.

Proper Procedures

You can prevent your business from going under by providing instructions for your employees on how to follow work-safety procedures. This will allow your employees to work in better conditions while keeping their workspace clean.

Inform Your Team About Pest Infestations

Teach your team the basics of spotting possible pest infestations. The more alert your staff, the better the chances that you can take care of the problem ahead of time without your employees becoming ill.

Pest Proofing

Take time to examine your building’s interior and exterior. Sealing small holes and gaps can prevent tiny pests like ants and cockroaches from entering. 


If there are any damaged screens on your windows or vents, replace them. If your business has a chimney, add a screen to avoid bird entry.


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