5 Strategies for Dealing with Office Pests

Trying to get through your work while dealing with office pests such as rodents or cockroaches is something nobody wants. There exist five strategies for office pest removal, though seeking professional office pest control assistance is ultimately the best solution.

1. Decluttering:

A cluttered office attracts rodents and insects to your desk due to the fact that food left on your desk attracts hordes of ants, cockroaches and rodents, while disorderly storage spaces provide bedbugs with great hiding spots.

This can be prevented by restricting food to the break room and kitchen areas or putting food away in the refrigerator or sealed containers. If eating at the desks is permitted, then all containers and wrappers should be disposed of in the kitchen as opposed to disposing of them in the workers’ waste-paper baskets.

2. Pinpoint and Get Rid of Problem Areas:

It’s important to watch out for the regions of the office with the highest likelihood for pests to gather. Such places include trashcans and kitchens that tend to provide rats or cockroaches with abundant food sources, while all the water present in bathrooms could lead to them potentially harboring pests. Office equipment and furniture can be moved around to search for any hint of nest activity and to find out the type of pest involved so as to apply proper office pest control treatment.

Since most office pests are tiny in size, they can make use of holes and cracks in the walls and pipes coming through the floor or wall that aren’t properly sealed. Crevices and holes potentially harboring pests should be covered using foam or caulk for office pest prevention and reported to the office manager for durable repair.

3. Avoid Spraying Pesticides Brought From Home:

Even though it may seem a good idea to bring your own pesticides from home and spray them in the office, toxic chemicals sprayed within an office space can cause nausea, coughing, eye irritation or even trigger/cause asthma attacks.

4. Raise Awareness:

The only way to ensure that the workspace is kept neat and tidy is to involve all your fellow workers. Educate each person in the office on pests and how they can be brought into the office. This is because cockroaches and bedbugs are most commonly brought into the office from outside meaning that an infested home results in an infested office.

5. Seek Professional Office Pest Control:

Pest invasion is drastically reduced with regular inspection. If you are dealing with a major pest infestation, skilled pest management professionals are your best bet as they possess the necessary expertise and equipment to not only detect pest hotspots and perform office pest removal, but also ensure office pest prevention for the future.