5 Reasons to Avoid DIY Pest Controls

When your property becomes infested with pests, you may think you can handle this on your own. You may have many reasons to take care of the pest problem yourself, but there are five reasons that a professional exterminator is best for the job.

Cost Effectiveness

When confronting a pest problem, the cost may be more than what your budget can handle. Do it yourself pest control is cheaper in the beginning, but DIY remedies do not work. You will need to continually keep on applying the home recipes or store bought chemicals. With the continual application, the costs continue to add up. The upfront cost of an exterminator is more, but in the long run, you will save money because it will get done right the first time.


Applying poisonous chemicals on your own is dangerous. You do not have the expertise on how often to apply or which chemicals do not mix well with others. If you misapply the chemicals, you can cause your family to get sick or even worse, die. An exterminator will have extensive training and education on how and when to apply these chemicals to take care of the pest problem.

Source of Infestation

Another problem with trying to get rid of the pests yourself is the source of the infestation. When you treat the pest problem yourself, you treat the activity. You do not eliminate the source. DIY remedies will only keep treating the current condition, but an exterminator will find and eliminate the source of your problem.

Ineffective Solutions

DIY solutions are not as effective as an exterminator. The chemicals you buy in the store or mix on your own are not as strong as what an exterminator can use. An exterminator will use a commercial grade insecticide to remove the pests from your property.


Next, you will want to look at the reliability of the treatments. DIY treatments do not always work. When one treatment does not work, you need to move on to the next DIY treatment. When you hire an exterminator, he or she will keep returning until the total pest problem is gone.

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