Pest Control in Allentown, PA

Pennsylvania sees a variety of pests to go with the vast array of terrain to choose from. Presto Pest Control understands that in order to take care of the community well, you must know how to serve both residential and commercial. Our area is famous for its industry. It’s plagued by the issues of a city atmosphere and water nearby. Cockroaches are prevalent and so are mosquitos, silverfish and ants. 

That’s just scratching the surface.

We have strong investigative and elimination tools that suit our area. Half of the war on bugs  is knowing the environment and using the most appropriate tools to win the battle. Call Presto Pest Control for all your pest control solutions in Allentown. 

Restaurant Pest Control in Allentown, PA

Most people understand that nothing is ever perfect. Until they go to a restaurant. You’re judged from the service to the food. If they happen to notice a bug; even a fly that comes in the door with them–it’s over. What does that look like? Not the end of your business for one bug sighting, but your peace is finished for a time. Social media, camera phones, and reviews can cause an undeserved amount of stress. 

Presto Pest Control in Allentown can protect you and your business from the cause of some of that stress. An eating establishment who takes part in restaurant pest services can rest easier than one that does not. Call us as soon or before you open your restaurant and throughout your time as a restauranteur.  

We apply the restaurant pest services with discretion at times where patrons won’t see it, and won’t smell it. Hotel pest control is also available. 

Healthcare Facility Pest Control in Allentown, PA

Regardless of what type of healthcare facility you own or manage; it’s your responsibility to your patients and healthcare workers to insure their safety. Pest control for doctor’s office is one of the most important contracts you’ll have. Imagine what would happen should a disease from a silent cockroach or rat infestation show up? We provide pest control services for any size health care facility and hospital pest services.

Nursing home pest control is available as well as hospitals and pest control for doctor’s offices. 

Our treatment strategies are compliant with the health department and will eliminate the entry points where the pests invade.  Call us today and protect your healthcare practice and your patients.