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Why Commercial Buildings are a Pest Home

Owning a business requires round-the-clock attention. You need to keep the shelves stocked, bring the customers in, and, of course, keep the pests out. A pest infestation is one of a commercial building owner's greatest fears, as it can cause a business to close its doors for days. Unfortunately, commercial buildings are exactly the sort of buildings most threatened by pests. Here is what makes commercial buildings a pest haven, and some ways you can keep your business safe.

Why Pests Love Commercial Buildings

Many people think of pest control as a more residential issue, however, it is commercial buildings that are most vulnerable. One reason why this is the case is that many commercial buildings have customers and employees coming in and out on a regular basis. The more often a door opens, the higher the chances are that a fly or rodent may slip through. Not only that, but businesses that consistently receive packages and shipments have to worry about what might be hiding in those boxes beside whatever it is that they ordered. Not only are there more opportunities for pests to enter commercial buildings, but it is easier for them to escape detection in them too. Many buildings have cluttered corners, dozens of desks and chairs, and storerooms that haven’t been cleaned in ages. All this makes it harder for people to notice what can be crawling just under their noses. 

How to Protect Your Business From Pests

Keeping pests out of your building can take some active planning, but it’s more than doable. First, get your team on the same page so you can all work together in preventing pests. Encourage everyone to only consume food and drinks in the break room, make sure nobody leaves doors or windows open, and take turns taking out the garbage, cleaning, and organizing. Also, try to keep moisture down by fixing leaks, cleaning spills and running a dehumidifier. Lastly, since your company's bottom line may hang in the balance, have your building inspected by professionals twice a year to be as safe as possible. 

Commercial buildings are tough to defend against pests, but it’s necessary to keep a business running smoothly. With a little proactiveness and forethought, it shouldn’t consume very much or your time. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, visit us at Presto Pest Control today.

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