Summer Pests (in Virginia & Maryland) That Businesses Need to Worry About

As the summer months approach, pests may be entering homes and businesses seeking food and shelter. For businesses, a pest problem could drive customers away, leading to a declining reputation. 

Now is the time to be diligent in pest control, especially as COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift. People are venturing from their homes, and pest sighting is detrimental to businesses. Pests can also harm your physical property. It is crucial to be aware of the signs of a pest problem before it turns into an infestation.

Bed Bugs

For hotel businesses, a bed bug sighting is not ideal. One bed bug can quickly turn into an infestation, so it is crucial to notice the signs before it gets worse. Bed bugs do not prefer any season, but as people begin to travel more this summer, bed bugs will spread. 

Bed bugs tend to cluster in the corner of beds, so look for nests there. They also leave black dots on mattresses, as that is their fecal matter. Most people spot the dots before they spot the bugs. Often, bed bugs also leave a musty scent when smooshed. If you notice any of these signs, bed bugs are not far. 

Keep your facility free of bed bugs this summer by being on the lookout for these signs. Call pest control immediately if you notice them. 


Cockroaches seek food and moisture. Restaurants provide both. 

A cockroach sighting in a restaurant can cause the health inspectors to shut the business down.  

It is crucial to keep high sanitation levels at all times when dealing with food. You can even use essential oils at entry points to deter cockroaches from entering the building. 

Stinging Insects

With summer, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets become more active. 

These insects can lead to health problems, as some people are allergic to their sting. 

Be on the lookout for any nests near your facility. If you notice one, call pest control immediately to ensure the situation does not get worse. 

Insects and pests to become more active in the summer. To keep your business safe from pests, Presto Pest Control is here for you. We will ensure your business stays in tip-top shape, bringing comfort and safety to your guests. If you notice signs of a pest problem, contact Presto Pest Control today. We will be your partners in pest control, offering you and your business the best protection.