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Keeping Pests Out of Refrigerators

Pests are among the most annoying home invaders in the world. They will find any crack or crevice and make their way through it. Of course, certain materials attract critters, such as dirt and food residue. Naturally, the hub of the food in your living space, the refrigerator, is prone to pest infestation. Here are some steps you can take to keep these bugs out of your refrigerator and away from your food.

Patch Up That Fridge

As mentioned, pests seek out any small sliver of space they can and will find a way to squeeze through it. Your refrigerator probably has numerous crevices all around it, especially if part of it is chipped or broken. Different kinds of appliance repair filler kits are available to help fix this. Even simpler home remedies such as Rust-Oleum or appliance-specific duct tape can be used to patch up cracks.

Seal Your Food

Unsealed food is an easy way to say “hey pests, come on in!”. Pests see open food as an invitation, and they certainly will not decline. Make sure to seal up any Tupperware containers or fruit and vegetable bags that may be in your refrigerator. There are fewer things more frustrating than bugs crawling all over your produce.

Keep Up On Cleanliness

This one ties in with the previous step. Sealing food is important, however, residue and crumbs are almost guaranteed to be left behind at some point. Again, this is essentially inviting pests to come in. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule of your refrigerator, even if it means taking everything out and putting it back, is crucial to a pest-free environment. For a thorough cleaning, make sure to remove all drawers and shelves and clean them before putting them back in. Cleaning under and around your refrigerator is highly recommended.

Gone for Good

Even when you clean out your refrigerator and rid yourself of a current pest infestation, another critter return is always possible. To help prevent future issues, there are a few things you can do. One of the most common solutions is to create a mixture of sugar and baking soda and place it around your refrigerator. The sugar attracts the pests, however, the baking soda will quickly kill them off!

Still Having Issues? Call Us!

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