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Pest Control in Health Care Facilities

In order to maintain hygiene and sanitation levels, healthcare facilities are required to put in extra effort when it comes to pest control. The presence of pests in any healthcare facility can pose a threat to the wellbeing of both patients and staff, as they can bring viral and bacterial diseases with them. Depending on the nature and type of pests, the reputation of the facility may also suffer. This makes it imperative for healthcare facilities to create a comprehensive pest control plan.

How to Tackle Pest Control

Every healthcare facility needs to be individually analyzed to find the best pest control plan for it. It is vital to find possible entryways that pests can use and consider how pests can enter from the surrounding area of the healthcare facility.

Check on doors and windows. Look at the plumbing system in the facility. Cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes use moisture to breed and are very attracted to wet areas. The docking area used for deliveries can also be a susceptible area for pests. Upon delivering, companies can bring in pests without realizing it.

The kitchen and cafeteria in any healthcare facility are always highly susceptible to pests. All food should be properly stored and there should be monthly inspections scheduled to ensure pests do not go unnoticed for too long.

Common Pests in Healthcare Facilities

Cockroaches are unfortunately very common to find in any healthcare facility. They can contaminate food and the overall sterile environment of a facility by spreading bacteria, parasitic worms, and harmful allergens.

Rodents can chew through nearly anything and can make their way into very small entryways. During cold months and rainy days, they are especially attracted to warm environments. They can harm the sterile environment of a healthcare facility because they defecate constantly and may chew through expensive equipment.

Bed bugs are extremely common in healthcare facilities because they can make their way into the building through any staff member or patient who enters. They linger on clothing, shoes, and bags, and can live in hospital rooms without anyone noticing.


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