Pest Control and Apartment Living – What to Do

These days, more and more people are renting apartments than ever before. Rather than moving out to the suburbs and living in a mini-mansion, many modern citizens prefer to live the city life.

While renting an apartment is more cost-effective and comes with a lot of perks, one of the most significant downsides is that they can be hotbeds for pest infestations. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, the fact that you share your building with other people means that pests have easy access to the internal structure, such as pipes and drywall.

To help you sleep easier at night, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to remember when dealing with pests in your place. Although you can’t control how your neighbors live, you can help make sure that your apartment doesn’t become a danger zone.

Step One: Identify the Pest

Depending on where you live, pests come in all shapes and sizes. Two of the most common are cockroaches and rats, but you may be susceptible to other critters, like ants, wasps, and bedbugs.

If you want to eliminate the problem, you have to make sure that you know what you’re dealing with first. Thus, be sure to either capture or take pictures of the pests that are taking over your place. This will help you figure out the best way to get rid of them, as well as provide evidence for your landlord.

Step Two: Report the Infestation

One of the benefits of apartment living is that you aren’t responsible for maintenance and upkeep. Thus, if there is a pest problem, your landlord is the one to take care of it. Hopefully, he or she will be proactive about the situation, which is why it helps to have evidence as well.

Step Three: Keep Your Apartment Clean

Even if your building is fumigated, that is only a temporary solution. Pests will invariably find their way back in, which is why you have to be prepared. When it comes to cleaning your place effectively, here are some surefire tips.

Don’t Leave Food Out-

clean up any crumbs, messes, and spills immediately. Also, if necessary, use covered garbage bins to keep critters from rummaging around in them. Focus on Entry Points – cracks in the walls, window sills, and door frames are open entrances for many bugs and pests. Be sure to clean these areas regularly. Also, you can spray them with disinfectant and bug killer to be more effective.

Use Traps –

whether it’s roach motels or mouse traps, don’t be afraid to get aggressive with pests. The added benefit of using these is that you can see how your efforts are working. The fewer bugs in your traps, the better you’re doing. However, be sure to move them around as well, as pests can simply avoid the areas they’re in, negating their purpose.

Step Four: Contact Presto Pest Control

Although your landlord is the one in charge of eradicating your infestation, you can provide him or her with our information. We specialize in apartment pest control, which means that you and your neighbors can sleep soundly. Have your landlord contact us today to get started.