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Financial Impact of Bed Bugs on Businesses

Bed bug on skinWe all know about the risks of bed bugs. Stories in the media remind us that these bloodsuckers lurk in hotel bedding, library books and used furniture, waiting to feast on their unsuspecting prey. But did you know that these pests cost businesses a lot of money every year? Presto Pest Control talks about the financial impact bed bugs can have on businesses in various industries. Business Costs Associated with Bed Bug Infestations Pest control treatments are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to expenses after a bed bug infestation. The following are additional costs incurred by these invasive pests: Lawsuits Lost business Replacement of inventory With so many financial vulnerabilities, it's safe to say that prevention is key when it comes to avoiding bed bug infestations. Bed Bugs in Hotels Of course, it comes as no surprise that hotels are especially vulnerable to bed bug invasions. With...
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