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Other Hotel Pests Aside From Bed Bugs

If you've ever stayed in a hotel, there's a chance you may have experienced bed bugs at some point, but not every hotel has these small pests. Some of the hotels that aren't as cared for as much as others tend to have them in beds, box springs, and even the furniture. There are a few other pests that you should look for in hotel rooms aside from bed bugs, many that can hitch a ride in your luggage and go back to your home with you.

A common pest that you might see in a hotel room is a roach. They are usually seen in bathrooms and in hotel rooms that have a kitchen. You might see roaches behind the headboard or crawling on the walls of the room, especially at night. Roaches usually live in conditions where they can easily find food, so if you notice any trash around the hotel or any crumbs that haven't been cleaned, then you should monitor the room for roaches. Roaches can quickly multiply in a short time. They can easily burrow into your luggage, which means that you can take them back to your home and not even realize that you have them with you until you see them in your house.

Another common pest that you might see in a hotel room is a mouse. These can be found almost anywhere, so it's not one certain type of hotel that has them. They can get in the walls of hotels and eat through the wires, which is why it's important to alert the staff if you see any in your room or in the hallways.

Flies can also be seen in many hotel rooms. They enjoy being in locations where there is an abundance of water, so if you have a trip planned to the coast or a lake, then you might want to be prepared to spot at least a few flies.

If you begin to notice an increase in pest activity in your home after getting back from your vacation, then contact Presto Pest Control who can treat the issue before the pests get out of control.

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