How Trained Pest Control Technicians Perform Commercial Pest Control Inspections

Professional pest control technicians can spot an infestation better than an untrained eye. To do so, they perform a series of steps to identify whether an infestation is a present and the causes behind it. 

Signs of Infestation

Each particular pest exhibits its own unique signs of an infestation. For instance, bed bugs may leave blood spots on the bed sheets within an infested home. Termites, on the other hand, often leave mud tunnels on the exteriors of structures. Pest control technicians know the specific signs of each infestation. 

They can also identify the culprit based on these signs. And once they determine which type of pest is causing the infestation, they can perform the appropriate actions.

Risk of Infestation

In most cases, the average person doesn’t know the exact methods each pest uses to infest a commercial or residential property. But pest control technicians are familiar with pests’ tendencies, so they can both discover a present infestation and prevent one from occurring in the first place.

Nearly all infestations occur from an entry point to the outside world. Pest control technicians take special care to examine cracks and crevices in exterior walls. If they find such entry points, they examine the surrounding area for signs of an infestation, such as excrement and signs of feeding. 

Technicians know the exact spots to check. For instance, mice can enter through a crack only one-quarter of an inch wide. A non-expert could very well see a crevice of that size and think nothing of it. Professionals know better and can spot these otherwise undetected entry points.

Pest control technicians know the spaces to examine, so they do not waste time looking at or in the wrong areas. This allows them to act fast in either eradicating an infestation or preventing one altogether. 

Contact a Professional

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