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How to determine if your new building has pests?

Buying or renting a new storefront or house is an exciting step in anyone’s life. When you move to a new home or open a new store, you need to have a pest inspection at the top of your to-do list. Unoccupied buildings are the perfect shelters for pests like mice, cockroaches, termites, and birds. Unwanted pests can cause issues inside and outside of your building. Below you will learn how to determine if your new building has pests.

Look Around

The first way to determine if you have a pest problem is to look around the building. In many cases, you can spot obvious signs of pests like dead rodents, insects, or termite damage. Be on the lookout for pest droppings. Rat dropping or roach eggs are signs of a serious pest problem. Also, look to see if the building has any pest control products under sinks, in cabinets, or in storage areas. The presence of these products is a sign that the last or current property owner has tried to clean up a pest infestation. The best time to look around is when you have nothing placed in the building. To be as thorough as possible, bring a flashlight to see dark or hard to see areas.

Check for Nests

Be on the watch for nests or breeding areas. Rats, mice, and birds use anything available to make their nests. Look under desks, cabinets, and sinks with a flashlight to find rat nests. Search high up in rafters, cabinets or windows for bird nests. If you find shredded paper or trash along with holes in the walls, cabinets, or shelves, you have evidence of a pest infestation.

Your Nose Knows

One of the easiest and best ways to determine if you have pests is to smell around the building. Rats usually give off a musty urine-like or ammonia-like smell. Many people describe cockroaches as having an oily smell. Bedbugs have a musty odor, similar to rats. The best way to accomplish this task is to take strong sniffs in each room. 

Having a home or building with pests can cause you a lot of issues if you do not handle it right away. To learn more about how Presto Pest Control can help you solve or prevent any pest issues, contact us today.

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