Financial Impact of Bed Bugs on Businesses

We all know about the risks of bed bugs. Stories in the media remind us that these bloodsuckers lurk in hotel bedding, library books and used furniture, waiting to feast on their unsuspecting prey. But did you know that these pests cost businesses a lot of money every year? Presto Pest Control talks about the financial impact bed bugs can have on businesses in various industries.

Business Costs Associated with Bed Bug Infestations

Pest control treatments are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to expenses after a bed bug infestation. The following are additional costs incurred by these invasive pests:

  • Lawsuits
  • Lost business
  • Replacement of inventory

With so many financial vulnerabilities, it’s safe to say that prevention is key when it comes to avoiding bed bug infestations.

Bed Bugs in Hotels

Of course, it comes as no surprise that hotels are especially vulnerable to bed bug invasions. With countless visitors from around the world, hotel owners have no control over pests coming onto the premises. Cleanliness makes no difference; the most immaculate properties in the world can become infested with no warning. And the hotel’s class is irrelevant; luxury hotels are no more immune to bed bugs than budget accommodations. With 80 percent of hotels surveyed having been infested in the last year, it’s obvious that this industry has a lot to worry about.

Bed Bug Prevention for Businesses

Since stopping bed bugs from coming in is virtually impossible, preventive pest control treatments are the best defense. The cost of preventing bed bugs is a small investment when you consider the other expenses incurred after an infestation. A recent study showed that a business could spend as much as $23,560 after a single incident — the average cost, including treatment, if a lawsuit is involved. 

Whether you own a restaurant, retail store, hotel or other business, bed bugs can deal a serious blow to your bottom line. Keep infestations at bay with help from a team of professionals. Presto Pest Control provides bed bug treatment and other pest control services, so contact us today to schedule an inspection. We’ll develop a plan to eliminate an existing infestation and prevent future invasions.