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Common Pests to Find in Your Office

If you run or manage an office and want to safeguard yourself and your team from the unthinkable, learning to spot common office pests is vital. Pests that get into your office can cause a range of issues before you notice the warning signs. Discovering how you can detect them in the early stages saves you time, energy and money. Always contact a pest control team the second your problem gets out of hand, and you won't need to worry about additional complications.


Mice are a common office pest of which you need to be aware if you don't want them to cause harm. Mice that get into your office can taint your food, chew on wires and spread harmful pathogens to your staff. Look for holes in the walls, chewed bags of food and rodent droppings if you believe mice have invited themselves inside. A professional can detect and handle mice before you know it.


Staying out of view as often as possible, termites spend most of their time behind your walls and chewing on your wooden support beams. If you give them enough time to do damage, they can harm the structural integrity of your building, and you will then face costly repair fees. Termites often leave behind shelter tubes and wood shavings when they are nearby. When termite swarmers invade, you will spot discarded wings near your window seals and the cracks of your doors.


Almost every office in the world has at least a few spiders crawling around the dark areas behind desks and computer screens. Most spiders don't have venom strong enough to harm humans, but each person can have a unique reaction to a bite. Keeping the spider population in your office under control reduces the odds of someone getting hurt, so it's always a wise move. When most spiders see people, they do their best to remain hidden and out of sight because they don't like confrontations. Spiders, however, will bite when they feel threatened and as if they have no other choice.

Presto Pest Control

Contacting a trusted team of pest control experts is one of the top ways to protect your office from invaders. The staff at Presto Pest Control will have your back and go out of their way to give you impressive results. They will promptly contain any pest that has been causing trouble in or near your office, and you will know you are in good hands when you see what we can do.

Rodents, termites, spiders and other invaders won't stand a chance once we are on the job because we have the training and tools needed to deliver dependable solutions. If you would like to learn more about our team, contact Presto Pest Control today.

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