Common Pests Found in Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are more vulnerable to pests than most people think. Visitors coming in and out, along with deliveries all day long, provide plenty of opportunities for a flying insect or crawling rodent to slip through. Once they get in, it may be impossible to easily find them in the typical office clutter, storage rooms and lunchroom trash. 

What to Look Out For

Commercial buildings make for a comfortable year-round home for certain pests. Occupants are not usually around for half of the day and leave behind a plentiful supply of food. The most common pests you may encounter include:


Mice are due to the almost constant supply of food left behind. Mice can cause big problems for your building, including chewing through walls and on wires, getting into furniture and leaving behind obvious and alarming signs such as holes in walls, chewed bags of food and droppings. Mice are commonly found in restaurants or hotels


Termites spend most of their time behind your walls, making them very difficult to find. They can cause severe damage to the integrity of your building, chewing wooden structures and support beams. 

Spiders and Ants

Almost every office has its share of spiders and ants crawling around. Living on spills and crumbs, these little pests may be more common, but just as damaging.

Where to Look

Search for obvious signs like holes in walls and cardboard boxes, shredded or ripped paper, droppings, eggs and carcasses of dead insects. Be on the lookout for human signs too, like dropped food, crumbs, liquid spills and stains. Rodents and insects are pests of opportunity and will look for easy food and water sources first.

Check under sinks, in cabinets and in storage areas. Ask others on your staff if they have seen any signs or heard any complaints. The more eyes you have looking for the signs, the stronger your defense.

Contact a Professional

Contacting a trusted team of pest control experts is one of the best ways to protect your office from invaders. The experts at Presto Pest Control will have your back and go out of their way to give you the desired results. Rodents, termites, spiders and other pests will not stand a chance once we are on the job because we have the training and tools needed to deliver dependable solutions. If you would like to learn more about our team, contact us today.