Staying in a hotel can be a wonderful experience. Hotels are famous for providing a place of rest, solitude, comfort and luxury in the midst of a hectic world. As a hotel owner, you offer people a spot to unwind and relax in the midst of their travels. However, there’s a chance your hotels may be harboring some unwelcome guests. Pests frequent hotels almost as much as people do, and they can make lodgers feel anything but tranquil. Here are the five pests that you are most likely to see in your hotel. 


Many hotels allow dogs, but wild rodents like mice and rats don’t exactly count as pets. In fact, roughly one-third of hotels report problems with rodents, and that number is increasing as time goes on. The worst part is that rodents cause major harm to hotels, from spreading diseases to destroying property, making them a serious danger to the industry. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are another problem that hotels face and for obvious reasons. Hotels have many beds with many different people sleeping in them each day. Even if the blankets and sheets are washed, there’s still a chance that they could be hiding inside the mattress, around the bed frame, and in other parts of the room, so look out. 


Spiders can be found all over the world, and hotels are certainly no exception. Spiders can cause a major fright, especially when you're not expecting to see one of them, and they can hide almost anywhere, from closets to air vents. 


When there are spiders around, there are often flies for them to hunt. Flies are always looking for sweet, surgery substances to eat, and hotel kitchens and mini-bars provide them with ample opportunities. And considering how much of a health and safety hazard flies are, they can almost make you thankful for the spiders.


Finally, cockroaches often make themselves at home in hotels by crawling through rooms, lobbies, kitchens, storage areas and anywhere else they can get to. Cockroaches are the last thing that anyone wants to see while they’re getting settled into their new room, but cockroaches aren’t ones for making reservations either.

Hotels are designed with luxury in mind, and pests are the antithesis of luxury. Unfortunately, with food all around and dozens of people coming and going every day, hotels are one of the most vulnerable buildings to infestations. However, pest-proofing your hotel is not as difficult as it may seem. To find out how you can get quality pest control services for your hotel, visit us at Presto Pest Control today.